The 1/52 Project provides financial support to encourage early career designers from historically excluded groups with the aim of diversifying and strengthening the theater design community. Candidates of diverse backgrounds representing the full spectrum of theatrical activity, including those who have worked in non-traditional venues, are encouraged to apply to this program. The 1/52 Project considers all women of all ethnicities as part of a historically excluded group. 

The 1/52 Project has raised over $200,000 in generous donations from designers and other generous theater professionals and disbursed 92% of all funds raised to talented early career designers from historically excluded groups.

The 1/52 Project was founded with the hope that designers with shows running on Broadway would donate one week per year of additional weekly compensation (AWC) for each Broadway show the donor has designed. However, we will gratefully accept any amount of money from anyone (designer or not!) 

To donate, go to our CONTRIBUTE page.

“The 1/52 Project is before and after in my professional career.” ~ Stefania Bulbarella, projection designer

“The 1/52 Project allowed me to be a bit more selective rather than just taking the next job to pay the bills. Being able to choose a project that you are passionate about opens up so many more opportunities for growth.” ~Ebony Burton, lighting designer

“I feel like the biggest asset has been mentorship. I’m really expanding my network.” ~Jessica Alexandra Cancino, set designer

Stability is so hard to achieve as a freelancer.  Sometimes, it means working on nineteen shows in a year to support myself. This grant takes the place of a couple of shows.” ~Mextly Couzin, lighting designer

“This grant has afforded me the ability to buy back my time so I could commit myself more fully to fewer projects.” ~Jordan McCree, sound designer

“This grant came at a time when I needed it most, not only financially, but also professionally. The exposure the 1/52 Project gives its recipients is invaluable.” ~Gerardo Diaz Sanchez, set designer

“The 1/52 grant changed my life. It allowed me to choose a single project and build it to the level of quality I want to be known for. That one project opened up a door and led to the offer of a resident design position at a major opera company.” ~Destinee Steele, hair, wig, and makeup designer

To get in touch with the 1/52 team, please either use our contact form, or email us directly at