THE 1/52 PROJECT Thanks all its funders for the 2023/24 Season:

Donors are listed alphabetically with projects which their AWC is donated from also listed where relevant.


Donations of $2500 or above are noted with an exclamation point. !

Designers who have donated more than the amounts of the related AWC are noted with an asterisk. *

Anonymous !

David Barbour (journalist)

Gregg Barnes (costume designer): Aladdin (Broadway)

Brandon Stirling Baker (lighting designer) Illinoise (Broadway)

Brett Banakis (set designer): The Outsiders, The Notebook (Broadway)

Batwin + Robin (projection designer): Harmony (Broadway)

John Lee Beatty (set designer): Chicago (Broadway)

Beowulf Boritt (set designer): Harmony (Broadway)

Robert Brill (set designer): Hell's Kitchen (Broadway)

Sarafina Bush* (costume designer): Tommy, The Outsiders, How To Dance In Ohio (Broadway)

Kirk Cambridge-Del Pesche (makeup designer): Merrily We Roll Along, The Wiz (Broadway)

Jennifer Caprio (costume designer): The Heart of Rock and Roll, Spamalot

Amith Chandrashaker * (lighting designer): Merrily We Roll Along, Prayer for the French Republic (Broadway)

Jiyoun Chang (lighting designer): Stereophonic (Broadway)

Lap Chi Chu (lighting designer): Suffs (Broadway)

Barbara Cokorinos (Educator)

Aaron Copp* (lighting designer): The Old Man And The Pool (London)

Jane Cox (lighting designer): Appropriate (Broadway)

Jeff Croiter (lighting designer): Gutenberg The Musical (Broadway)

Jason Crystal (sound designer): Suffs (Broadway)

Ken Davenport (producer)

Michael Devine (set & projection designer): Paul Sills' Story Theater (Broadway, 1970)

Alexander Dodge  *! (set designer): I Need That (Broadway)

dots (set designer): Appropriate, An Enemy Of The People (Broadway)

Jules Fisher + Peggy Eisenhauer (lighting designers): Harmony (Broadway) 

Elliott Forrest (broadcaster & director)

Sue Frost (producer)

Margaret Gerrity (artist) & Stan Pressner (lighting designer)

Roger Gindi (general manager) & Gregory Victor

Bob Greenblat (producer) !

Kai Harada (sound designer): Kimberly Akimbo, Merrily We Roll Along, Spamalot, Days of Wine and Roses (Broadway)

Rachel Hauck (set designer): Hadestown (Broadway)

Dominique Fawn Hill (costume designer): Fat Ham (Broadway)

Adam Honoré  (lighting designer): Purlie Victorious (Broadway)

J Jared Janas* (wig & makeup designer): Purlie Victorious, Sweeney Todd, Prayer for the French Republic, & Juliet, Kimberly Akimbo, Mary Jane (Broadway)

Palmer Jankens

Lindsay Jones (sound designer)

Cookie Jordan (hair & wig designer): Merrily We Roll Along (Broadway)

Takeshi Kata (set designer): Water For Elephants, Prayer for the French Republic (Broadway)

Natasha Katz (lighting designer): Sweeney Todd (Broadway)

Hana S. Kim (projection designer): The Outsiders (Broadway)

Bradley King (lighting designer): How To Dance In Ohio, Lempicka, Water For Elephants

David Korins *!  (set designer): Hamilton, Tommy,  Here Lies Love, Just For Us (Broadway)

Tommy Kurzman (wig designer): Uncle Vanya (Broadway)

Charles LaPointe (wig designer): The Wiz, Doubt, Tommy, How To Dance in Ohio, Suffs, The Great Gatsby (Broadway)

Richard Lurie (costume designer): Harmony (Broadway)

Scott Lehrer* (sound designer): Chicago (Broadway), To Kill A Mockingbird (National Tour)

Brian MacDevitt *  (lighting designer): The Book of Mormon (Broadway)

Nikiya Mathis * (Hair designer): Heart of Rock and Roll (Broadway)

Derek McLane *!  (set designer): Moulin Rouge, MJ, Heart of Rock and Roll, Purlie Victorious (Broadway)

Tony Meola *! (sound designer): Wicked (Broadway)

Peter Nigrini (projection designer): MJ, Hell's Kitchen, Here Lies Love, Tommy (Broadway)

Arthur Oliver (costume designer)

Gareth Owen (sound designer): & Juliet, Back to the Future, MJ the Musical

Will Pickens (sound designer): Appropriate (Broadway)

Scott Pinkney (lighting designer): In Honor of Howell Binkley

Ken Posner (lighting designer)

Bill Rauch (director)

Mikey Rolfe (agent)

Brian Ronan (sound designer): The Book of Mormon, Some Like It Hot (Broadway)

Finn Ross * (projection designer): Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Back To The Future

Daryl Roth ! (producer)

Barbara Samuels (lighting designer)

Jonathan Marc Sherman & Alexandra Shiva (playwright & film maker)

John Shivers * (sound designer): The Heart Of Rock And Roll (Broadway)

Cody Spencer (sound designer): The Outsiders (Broadway)

Abbie Strassler (general manager)

Jeff Sugg (projection designer): Tina, The Tina Turner Musical (worldwide)

Paul Tazewell (costume designer): Hamilton, Suffs, MJ

Joe Tilford (set designer)

Jennifer Tipton (lighting designer)

Justin Townsend (lighting designer): Moulin Rouge (Broadway)

Alejo Vietti * (costume designer): Annie (Tour), Titanique (Off-Broadway), West Side Story (Tour)

Kaye Voyce (costume designer): Uncle Vanya (Broadway)

Daria Walcott (production manager)

Tom Watson *(hair designer): Wicked (Broadway)

Japhy Weideman (lighting designer): Shucked, The Heart of Rock and Roll (Broadway)

Barbara Whitman (producer)

Bradlee Ward (sound designer): I Need That (Broadway)

Paloma Young (costume designer): & Juliet, Lempika, The Notebook (Broadway)

Yi Zhao* (lighting designer): I Want That (Broadway)

Amanda Zieve (lighting designer): Tommy (Broadway)

David Zinn* (set designer): Kimberly Akimbo, Stereophonic (Broadway)


Donations of $7500 or above are noted with a plus sign.


4 Wall Entertainment +

Hudson Scenic Studios +

Global Scenic Services +

The John Gore Organization +

Masque Sound & Recording Corp. +

The Miranda Family Fund

Proof Productions +

Showmotion Inc. +

THE 1/52 PROJECT Thanks all its funders for the 2022/23 Season:

& Juliet: J. Jared Janas, Paloma Young

1776: Jonathan Deans

A Beautiful Noise: David Rockwell

Aladdin: Gregg Barnes

A Strange loop: Cookie Jordan

Ain't No Mo: Jonathan Deans

Between Riverside and Crazy: Walt Spangler

Chicago: John Lee Beatty, Scott Lehrer

A Christmas Carol: Cookie Jordan, Dane Lafferty 

Come From Away: Junkyard Dog (producer)

Cost Of Living: Rob Kaplowitz, Wilson Chin

Dear Evan Hansen: Nevin Steinberg

Death Of A Salesman: Nikiya Mathis

Funny Girl: Susan Hilferty, David Zinn

Hadestown: Rachel Hauck, Bradley King, Nevin Steinberg

Hamilton: David Korins, Nevin Steinberg, Paul Tazewell

Harry Potter and The Cursed Child: Christine Jones

Into The Woods: Cookie Jordan, James Lapine (author), Scott Lehrer, Tyler Miccoleau

Kimberly Akimbo: J. Jared Janas, Kai Harada

KPOP: Jiyoun Chang, Peter Nigrini

Leopoldstadt: Richard Hudson

The Lion King: Don Holder, Richard Hudson, Thomas Schumacher (producer), Julie Taymor

MJ the Musical: Derek McClane, Peter Nigrini, Paul Tazewell

Mr. Saturday Night: Sky Switser

Moulin Rouge: Derek McLane, Justin Townsend

The Music Man: Scott Lehrer

New York, New York: Christopher Ash, Beowulf Boritt

Ohio State Murders: Beowulf Boritt, J. Jared Janas

Old Man And The Pool: Beowulf Boritt, Aaron Copp, Hana S. Kim, Kai Harada

Once Upon A One More Time: Ken Posner

Parade:  Susan Hilferty, Tom Watson

The Piano Lesson: Beowulf Boritt, Toni Leslie James, Cookie Jordan, Scott Lehrer, Jeff Sugg,  Japhy Weidman

The Sign in Sidney Brustein's Window: dots

Some Like It Hot: Gregg Barnes

Summer, 1976: Hana S. Kim

Sweeney Todd: J. Jared Janas, Mimi Lien, Nevin Steinberg

Tina: Nevin Steinberg

Titanique (off-Bwy): Alejo Vietti

Wicked: Susan Hilferty, Elaine McCarthy, Tony Meola, Tom Watson

Unaffiliated donations (These generous donors either have not donated from a specific Broadway show, or have donated more than their weekly AWC ): Caroline Aquino, Jim Bay, Alexander Dodge (designer), Roger Gindi (general manager), Lindsay Jones (designer), Tony Meola (designer), Scott Pinkney (designer), Bill Rauch (director), Mikey Rolfe (agent), Jenny & Jon Steingart (producers), Abby Strassler (general manager), BT Whitehill, Michael Wolk (producer), Kumiko Yoshii (producer)

THE 1/52 PROJECT Thanks all its funders for the 2021/22 Season:

A Strange Loop: Drew Levy

Ain't Too Proud: Peter Nigrini, Paul Tazewell

Aladdin: Greg Barnes, Thomas Schumacher (producer)

Book Of Mormon: Scott Pask

Beetlejuice: David Korins, Ken Posner

Chicago: John Lee Beatty, Ken Billington, Scott Lehrer

Clydes: Christopher Akerlind, Takeshi Kata

Come From Away: Beowulf Boritt, Toni-Leslie James in memory of Jett Gerald Higham, Joyce Storey in memory of Howell Binkley,

Dear Evan Hansen: David Korins, Peter Nigrini, Nevin Steinberg

Fiddler On The Roof, National Tour: Don Holder

Flying Over Sunset: Beowulf Boritt, Bradley King

Freestyle Love Supreme: Beowulf Boritt, Jeff Croiter, Nevin Steinberg, Jenny & Jon Steingart (producers)

Hadestown: Rachel Hauck, Bradley King, Michael Krass, Jessica Paz, Nevin Steinberg 

Hamilton: David Korins, Nevin Steinberg,  Joyce Storey in memory of Howell Binkley , Paul Tazewell

Harry Potter and The Cursed Child: Christine Jones

Into The Woods: Tyler Micoleau, David Rockwell

Macbeth: Jane Cox

MJ the Musical: Natasha, Katz, Derek McLane, Peter Nigrini, Paul Tazewell, 

Moulin Rouge: Derek McLane

Mr. Saturday Night: Kai Harada, Jeff Sugg, Paul Tazewell

Mrs. Doubtfire: David Korins, Brian Ronan, Phillip Rosenberg

Plaza Suite: John Lee Beatty, Scott Lehrer

POTUS: Beowulf Boritt

Slave Play: Lindsay Jones

The Lion King: Don Holder, Thomas Schumacher (producer)

The Music Man: Scott Lehrer

My Fair Lady, National Tour: Don Holder

Tina, the Tina Turner Musical: Nevin Steinberg, Jeff Sugg

To Kill a Mockingbird: Scott Lehrer, Jennifer Tipton

Wicked: Susan Hilferty, Eugene Lee, Elaine J. McCarthy, Tony Meola, Ken Posner

Unaffiliated donations (These generous donors either have not donated from a specific Broadway show, or have donated more than their weekly AWC ): Jim Bay, Greg Barnes, John Lee Beatty, Jason Cina, Roger Gindi & Gregory Victor, Marcia Goldberg,  J.J. Janas, Tony Meola, Kimie Nishikawa, Scott Pinkney, Kimberly Powers, David Rockwell, Susan Schulman, Paul Smithyman, Nevin Steinberg, Abby Strassler, TheFrontOffice, Alex Volkhausen, Michael Wolk, Kumiko Yoshi, Paloma Young, David Zinn