Who We Are

The 1/52 Project Steering Committee

The 1/52 Project Steering Committee are BIPOC working designers volunteering their time.

They have developed the criteria for the grant and will adjudicate the awards:

Dede Ayite: Costume Designer

David Bengali: Projection Designer

Wilson Chin: Set Designer

Alan C. Edwards: Lighting Designer

Kai Harada: Sound Designer

Kimie Nishikawa : Set Designer

Paul Tazewell: Costume Designer

Alejo Vietti: Costume Designer

Anita Yavich: Costume Designer

1/52 Project Volunteer Staff

Beowulf Boritt, Set Designer, Founder & Manager

Simon Harding, Projection Designer, Website Supervisor

Jeff Croiter, Lighting Designer, Associate

Elaine J. McCarthy, Projection Designer, Associate

Nevin Steinberg, Sound Designer, Associate

Jeff Sugg, Projection Designer, Associate

Candi Adams, Press Representative


Founded in 2019 by Director/Producer, Wendy C. Goldberg's TheFrontOffice is an entertainment development company that specializes in cross over content from live theater to new media. Fueled by the intersection of Goldberg's 20 years in the theater and her experiences as a Performance Director for Rockstar Games, TheFrontOffice develops content and stories for our times.

TheFrontOffice Foundation, the company's charitable arm, was established in 2020 to support the live theatrical community during the time of industry shut down as well as the re opening efforts. Our support happens in a multitude of ways including direct artist relief, commissions and grants. To date, we have partnered with TCG and SDCF on relief efforts. TheFrontOffice Foundation distributed additional mid-career relief grants to theater workers in March 2021 and to parents in June 2021. With corporate donors as well as individuals, these efforts have distributed a quarter of a million dollars in aid.


Founded by 2x Super Bowl Champion and Ravens “Ring of Honor” inductee Matt Stover and philanthropy expert Seth McDonnell, Players Philanthropy Fund (PPF) is a 501(c)(3) public charity that enables athletes, entertainers, corporations and individuals to create a dedicated fund that can accept tax-deductible contributions in support of any qualified charitable mission. PPF's vision is to empower philanthropists through sound best-practiced-based philanthropic education, facilitation and inspiration to make a positive impact on causes and communities in need.