To contribute to the 1/52 Project, please follow this link to our fiscal sponsor: TheFrontOffice Foundation . Please note the show(s) you are contributing for in the 'comments' section of the donation page.

Your receipt will come from TheFrontOffice, but the donation will fund The 1/52 Project.

We will be grateful for any donation amount, but our goal is for designers with Broadway shows to donate one week's AWC/year to fund this grant. We will list the designers by name, and the shows by title on our contributors page. However, because contractual AWC varies widely we have chosen not to list specific amounts. Should you be able to– and wish to contribute more than the suggested one week of AWC, please note that in the "comments" section and we will list your name both with the appropriate show, and also in the unaffiliated section. We are grateful to all our funders, but would like to offer an additional thanks to those able to make these overscale contributions.